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Precast Tiles for Walkway and Landscaping

KORODUR precast tiles is designed and manufactured for walkways and landscaping. To date, thousands square meter of these kind of products are installed in walkway of big cities and steel remained in proper condition.

What are the advantages:

KORODUR Precast tiles, due to very less erosion, have a unique properties for flooring of walkways. These properties are including:

– Anti-sleeping, even when the floor is wet.

– High surface density

– Unchanged color, sun light resistance.

– Various colors and models

– Frost resistant

– Easy to clean

– resistant against gasoline, oil and solvents

– physiological and ecological harmless.

– Easily apply on both dry sand or concrete mortar.

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KORODUR pre-cast tile are suitable for:

– Walkways and Streets

– Landscaping and green area

– indoor and outdoor pools or any other wet areas

Dimensions and thickness:

In this tile one 6 mm layer of KORODUR material applies on a 20 to 40 cm concrete base.

Dimension of tile could be varied upon costumer’s order.