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Parking Flooring

A wide range of KORODUR products are capable to apply for flooring of car parkings in buildings, malls, shops, business buildings, towers, etc,. These products are undoubtedly best choice for car parkings. These are suitable for both outdoor and indoor parkings.

What are the advantages:

– Very fast execution in project

– Capable to be executed with the concrete works of the ceiling

– Capable to provide proper slope on floor

– Various colors and models

– Decreasing of floor thickness and consequently increasing of total ceiling hight.

– Extremely beautiful and durable, totally without crack even in outdoor place or cold area.

– decreasing of building dead weight.

All you expect from a floor for parking

We have a wide range of products for car parking and the most compatible product are NEODUR HE65NEODUR HE2 and NEODUR HE40 .

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KORODUR hard aggregate layers are :

How to apply :

Hard aggregate toppings are produced of hard aggregates acc. to DIN 1100 in coating groups A, M and KS. The layer thickness depends on the expected stress and is defined in DIN 18560-7, table 6.

There are 2 methods to install hard aggregate layers: “fresh-on-fresh” on the still fresh base concrete or time-deferred in composite on set base concrete[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]