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food industries flooring

KORODUR products are suitable for flooring of food and drug industries as well as well cosmetic and Cellulose industries.

There are a wide range of products for such industries in KORODUR products, and the most compatible product are NEODUR HE65NEODUR HE2 and NEODUR HE40 .

These products mainly use in following areas:

– Production lines

– Warehouses

– Outdoor storage area

– Slaughterhouses

– Cold rooms


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KORODUR hard aggregate layers are :

  • resistant against gasoline, mineral oil and solvents
  • highly wear resistant also in case of heaviest stress
  • forklift resistant
  • waterproof, qualified for wet rooms
  • anti-skid / non-slip in wet rooms
  • frost and deicer resistant
  • non-rusting
  • electrostatic non chargeable
  • high surface density
  • physiological and ecological harmless
  • easy to clean

How to apply :

Hard aggregate toppings are produced of hard aggregates acc. to DIN 1100 in coating groups A, M and KS. The layer thickness depends on the expected stress and is defined in DIN 18560-7, table 6.

There are 2 methods to install hard aggregate layers: “fresh-on-fresh” on the still fresh base concrete or time-deferred in composite on set base concrete