Polypropylene Fiber :

PP micro fiber is a proper additive to control and reduce plastic shrinkage cracks in concrete which may happen in first hours after concrete pouring. This fiber will increase concrete strength too.

Usage :

– In concrete sections

– In concrete flooring

– In offshore concrete structures as well as water tanks

– Precast concrete blocks

Properties :

– To reduce plastic shrinkage cracks of concrete

– To increase concrete strength

– To decrease concrete fatigue

– To increase structure life

– Easy to mix and use

Standard : ASTM C111.6

Physical statues : Filamiany fibers

Color : white

Density : 0.91 g/cm3

Fiber thickness : 18 – 30 microne

Fiber length : 6 – 12 or 18 mm

Tensile strength : 350 N/mm2

Melting point : 160 C

Sulphur content : NO

Chlorine content : NO

Packing :

This product will be delivered in 15 kilogram  package.

Storage :

keep in dark indoor store.

Best temperature : 35 C

General :

These fibers generally can be added to mixed concrete before pouring of concrete in form. Approximately 1 kilograms of fiber can be added to one cubic meter of concrete.

Method of use :

– These fibers can be added to concrete in batching plant.

– These fibers can be added to concrete in truck mixer.

Note 1 :  The weight of fibers shall be controlled carefully.

Note 2 : After adding of fibers to concrete it will increase consistence time of concrete rapidly. Therefore a proper super plasticizer must be added to concrete before pouring.

Safety :

– This product is not harmful for health.

– Please use gloves and safety glasses when you are using this product.

– This product is flammable.